How to Use This Resource

Login. Click on “spaces,” then your chapter’s name.

On the top left, you will see the 3 main tabs: calendar, discussion (within your chapter), and documents.

Calendar tab: Add events by double clicking on a day in the calendar, or clicking the plus symbol (+). Write the title, description, location, and date. Add flyers or other media under “attachments.” If you scroll down, under the calendar there is a list of all your chapter’s past events.

Discussion tab: To add a post, click on the plus symbol (+). This can be used to leave notes for current or future SALDF chapter officers.

Documents tab: You can add your important documents here. We recommend at the minimum adding your SALDF officer list and constitution/bylaws. (These sometimes get lost over the years. If you don’t have your chapter’s bylaws, you should adopt new ones. Find our sample here.)

To obtain access to your chapter’s portal, please email Kelly at and you will be sent an email letting you know how to login.


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