Current and Past Chapter Officers

This is a record of current and past chapter officers for this SALDF chapter. Please keep this record up to date, including adding your name to the Previous Chapter Officers section upon departure.

Current Chapter Officers

  • Priscilla Rader, Co-Director
  • Raj Reddy, Co-Director
  • Jonathan Morris, Public Relations Chair
  • John Hopkinson, Pro Bono Chair
  • Sarah Butler, External Projects Chair
  • Jessie Brockway, Treasurer
  • Becky Jenkins, LLM Representative
  • Bobby Marchione, 1L Representative

Previous Chapter Officers

2015 Chapter Officers

  • David Rosengard, Co-Director
  • Farah Rishi, Co-Director
  • Danica Swenson, Outreach & Activism Chair
  • Priscilla Rader, Public Relations Chair
  • Sarah Butler, Special Projects Chair
  • Jessie Brockway, Pro Bono Chair
  • Raj Reddy, 1L Representative

2014 Chapter Officers

  • Officer 1
  • Officer 2

2013 Chapter Officers

  • Officer 1
  • Officer 2


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