SALDF (Clone)


  • Click "edit" on the upper right of this page, and add a description of your chapter and images.
  • On the top left, you will see the 3 main tabs: calendar, discussion (within your chapter), and documents.
  • Calendar tab: Add events by double clicking on a day in the calendar, or clicking the plus symbol (+). Write the title, description, location, and date. Add flyers or other media under “attachments.” If you scroll down, under the calendar there is a list of all your chapter’s past events.
  • Discussion tab: To add a post, click on the plus symbol (+). This can be used to leave notes for current or future SALDF chapter officers.
  • Documents tab: You can add your important documents here. We recommend at the minimum adding your SALDF officer list and constitution/bylaws. (These sometimes get lost over the years. If you don’t have your chapter’s bylaws, you should adopt new ones. Find our sample here.)
  • Feel free to delete these instructions. They are also located in the documents section, under "How To Use This Resource."
  • Please email Kelly at with any questions.